Growing public awareness of the limitations of natural resources and landfill space has spurred demand for more recycled content in the products we buy. The responsibility to meet this demand falls on product manufacturers and their suppliers. Together we must continue to develop and create higher value ways to recycle materials that are technically and economically feasible.

For its part, Delta-Energy has developed the patented DEPolymerization process that allows us to produce premier recovered solid, liquid and gas products.

D-E Black®

Two Unique Product Lines D-E Black products provide compounders with recovered materials offering comparable performance to the virgin carbon black products they supplement. The two D-E Black product lines, Phoenix Black® and Zephyr Black®, meet the needs of the two major applications for carbon black – reinforcement in rubber and pigmentation of plastics and coatings.

Phoenix Black
Phoenix Black supplements the use of virgin carbon black as a versatile, economic, reinforcing agent in rubber. In thermal black applications requiring low reinforcement, use of Phoenix Black also reduces risk of mold tear, potentially increasing yields and reducing waste.

Zephyr Black
Zephyr Black provides an alternative black pigment for plastic and coating applications for which highly structured carbon blacks are currently used.

Both Phoenix Black and Zephyr Black lines offer consistent product quality. You can order them in either pellet or powder form. Standard packaging for these products are inclusion bags or semi-bulk reusable bags.


DEOil is a liquid condensed under atmospheric conditions which appears much like a medium heavy crude oil. DEOil is stable, flammable liquid with high BTU content, an ambient flashpoint, and +1000F endpoint. DEOil is compatible with a wide range of hydrocarbon liquids.
DESolv is a combustible liquid with solvent properties and contains a variety of terpenes (mostly as d Limonene). DESolv contains no paraffin, blends well with a wide range of hydrocarbons and has successfully performed well in a variety of oilfield chemicals applications.
DELite also finds uses as a solvent or blend component into chemicals or fuels making uses. This flammable liquid as an ambient flashpoint and 140F endpoint.
DECant is a combustible semisolid composed of recovered carbon and a variety of heavy oligomers which offer performance improvements when included as part of a bitumen formulation.

Living Our Philosophy

Our products’ performance characteristics are not the only way you benefit from using them. We continuously look for better ways to use the materials we buy and the products we make for even greater resource recovery value and savings for you. For example, we apply our philosophy of waste minimization by selecting packaging materials that can be reused or even incorporated into end users’ products. These choices reduce your package disposal costs.

And Delta-Energy product lines are backed by our outstanding customer service and responsive technical assistance. Through our testing lab partners we have the capability to attend to most any technical product issue that we cannot address in house.

Contact your Delta-Energy Representative to learn more about our products and services.

D-E Black®, Phoenix Black® and Zephyr Black® are registered trademarks of Delta-Energy Group, LLC.