About Us

Delta-Energy began with a unique premise: a belief that a solution could be found for preserving the properties of recovered carbon black from rubber.

Our commitment to market the products we produce sets us apart from other companies. We have an understanding of the markets for our products. The experts at Delta-Energy know the level of our success depends on making products that meet market performance requirements. We design, produce and own the plants we make to ensure we are the premier global supplier of recovered carbon black based and organic liquid based products.


Delta-Energy started in 2001 as a subsidiary of RJ Lee Group (RJLG), a premier materials science company of 250 people specializing in solving tough scientific issues and developing technologies. Richard J. Lee, Ph.D., CEO of RJLG, believed the technical challenge of this initiative provided an opportunity for the rubber industry if successfully solved. Through the guidance of RJLG’s scientific advisors and materials analysts, Delta-Energy discovered the combination of operating parameters that best preserves the properties of carbon black recovered from rubber. This makes Delta-Energy unique in the petroleum-based resource recovery field.

2005 - The first commercial products were sold from the “Beta Plant.”

2006 - Delta-Energy, LLC was founded as a privately held, independent company.      

2009 - D-E Black® was approved by a top 3 tire manufacturer.

2013 - Delta-Energy Group, LLC was founded as a Joint Venture with Bridgestone Americas.  Funding was used to establish the first commercial-scale plant in Natchez, MS.

2014 - A joint venture with Bridgestone Americas Tire Corporation (BATO) is finalized.

2017 - CCI became a majority investor in Delta-Energy Group, LLC.  The ownership and leaders come from chemical and rubber manufacturing, marketing and sales, plant construction, business ownership, and investment banking fields.

TODAY we all share the same Delta-Energy values:

  • A commitment to respond to market needs for  innovative solutions that address technical requirements, economic value and environmental needs.
  • Pride at maintaining an industry leadership position well into the future.