innovative resource recovery

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the United States alone produces more than 290 million waste tires annually. Global estimates for annual tire waste reach as high as two billion. Unlike plastics, paper, and metal, which are relatively easy to recycle, recovering rubber in a reusable form has presented enormous challenges.


Phoenix Black

A D-E Black® product, Phoenix Black supplements the use of virgin carbon black as a versatile, economic, reinforcing agent in rubber. In thermal black applications requiring low reinforcement, use of Phoenix Black also reduces risk of mold tear, potentially increasing yields and reducing waste.

Zephyr Black

A D-E Black® product, Zephyr Black provides an alternative black pigment for plastic and coating applications for which highly structured carbon blacks are currently used.


DESolvTM is a mix of organic chemicals with strong solvent characteristics useful to dissolve asphaltene and wax buildup in oil wells to enhance the well productivity and in equipment used for petroleum handling and storage equipment as a more efficient alternative to mechanical cleaning.

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