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Phoenix Black

A DE-Black product, Phoenix Black supplements the use of virgin carbon black as a versatile, economic, reinforcing agent in rubber. In thermal black applications requiring low reinforcement, use of Phoenix Black also reduces risk of mold tear, potentially increasing yields and reducing waste.


DE-Solv is a mix of organic chemicals with strong solvent characteristics useful to:

  • dissolve asphaltene and wax buildup in oil wells to enhance the well productivity
  • viscosity reduction
  • oilfield equipment cleaning


Global estimates for annual tire waste reach as high as two billion. Stockpiles of scrap tires have obvious effects on the environment: leaching of chemicals into the soil and groundwater, self-ignition creating toxic conditions, and harboring of disease-carrying organisms.


Industry has a responsibility to recover higher value raw materials for reuse. Corporate sustainability goals and customer demand have enabled product manufacturers to use significant levels of recycled material content in their products.


Delta-Energy, a ISO 9001:2015 Certified company, has developed technology that breaks rubber down into its organic components for use in chemical solvents and feedstocks. This process also recovers carbon black and minerals that make up 40% of tire rubber weight. The recovered carbon black is utilized in rubber reinforcement and pigments.


Delta-Energy is the first petroleum-based, resource recovery company to make this process possible. Through its one-of-a-kind patented DEPolymerization™ process, Delta-Energy found the means to recover DE-Black products with properties comparable to thermal and furnace carbon blacks as well as marketable liquid products.